Hotel Bathtub Refinishing - Bostonian Hotel - Downtown Boston

Hotel Bathtub Refinishing & Ceramic Tile Surround Refinishing Solutions.

We know the hospitality industry wants to ensure their properties maintain a pristine appearance for satisfying lodging. Superior Bathtub Refinishing supports the needs of your commercial properties with services that could help you increase rents. We understand that each day your room is down is lost revenue. We do all we can to avoid this. We understand Hospitality commercial accounts have specific needs and concerns when initiating a project, particularly regarding the time required and the impact on space during high-occupancy periods.

Are dull, worn, chipped, or cracked bathroom surfaces tarnishing the image of your hotel?
The good news is: Superior Bathtub Refinishing has the answer.

Hotel Bathtub Refinishing - Bostonian Hotel - Downtown Boston
Hotel Bathtub Refinishing – The Bostonian Hotel – Downtown Boston

Give your guests the beautiful, clean rooms they’ll love. We know that hotel rooms take a lot of abuse. But we can upgrade them without costly, time-consuming renovations! We’ve completed tens of thousands of refinishing projects for hotels of all sizes, so we understand what’s important—affordability, quick turnaround, and beautiful results!

Superior Bathtub Refinishing’s proprietary surface refinishing is significantly more economical than replacement—and we can often return your rooms to service in about 24 hours. We repair and refinish all types of standard tubs such as cast iron, steel, fiberglass and whirlpool tubs and on claw foot tubs both inside and out. Our finishes are guaranteed against peeling and adhesion failure.

Whether you need a completely new look or just a few chips repaired, Superior Bathtub Refinishing is ready to help.

A hotel bathtub is one of the few items that a guest will likely use once a day. In fact, a slippery or dirty tub is one of the most common negative comments found on hotel review sites. This is why it is so important for a hotel to hire the right commercial bathtub and bathroom restoration company the first time. Unprofessional work and extended timelines can cost a hotel tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue, not to mention a swarm of bad reviews.

Save money with Superior Hotel Bathtub Refinishing . Get Your Free Quote Today.

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