Prepare the roomSuperior Bathtub Refinishing - Restoration Done Right Boston Metro Area

We start off by masking off all the tile walls and floor along with sinks, vanity and toilet in the bathroom, due to over-spray in the air. The site is set up with an exhaust system to keep odors and over-spray contained. What odor remains typically lasts no more than a day.
Most times just half a day.( depends on person )

Preparing the surface

The bathtub needs to be cleaned and sanded, removing all oils and soap-scum for the new finish to adhere well. We use very corse sand paper with a palm sander in doing so along with industrial cleaners.

Repair cracks and chips

Superior Bathtub Refinishing - Restoration Done Right Boston Metro AreaAfter the tub is cleaned we come through and fill any major cracks and chips with a body filler. Let the filler harden then sand down.

Apply primer and topcoat

Usually surface needs 2 full coats of epoxy primer. (Fully cover surface.). The primer needs time to set up and dry.
The next step is to apply 3 coats of topcoat which is an acrylic polyurethane. All together with primer and top coat, it’s about 6 Mils of paint on your bathtub.

Final results

At Superior Bathtub Refinishing we use a 24 hour paint. In as little a day you can start using your new bathtub. If done correctly, a refinished tub can last 7-15 years before it requires another refinish job.