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Bathtub Refinishing Benefits

If you’ve got an old, chipped, or otherwise damaged bathtub, there are more benefits to getting it repaired or refinished – beyond just for appearance. Here’s how our bathtub refinishing method benefits your health, cost, and efficiency:

Bathtub Refinishing is Cheaper than Replacement

The total cost of a new tub isn’t merely the purchase price. In order to fully grasp the total cost of a brand new bathtub, you have to factor in the cost of a plumber and the replacement of the surround, which is necessary and by far the most expensive part. If your tub appears grubby even after cleaning, or has significant staining, chips, and even cracks, not all is lost. Contact us for a repair estimate! Repairs are a significantly cheaper option to replacement, as is refinishing, and at Superior Bathtub Refinishing we believe in saving you time and money. If we can avoid doing an extensive (and expensive) refinishing job, we will.

Give your other Bath Features New Life

There’s no need to let dull, stained, and inefficient fixtures ruin your bathroom’s appeal. We can re-glaze your old sink, vanity, and even counters with a shiny new finish and save you a lot more money over the cost of replacement. You will get the same effect as you would with new fixtures, without the excessive cost! We can easily repair stains, chips, and scratches on many parts of your bathroom suite in less than a day, leaving you satisfied with the finished result.

Protect Against Lead in Old Tubs

Studies have shown that many pre-1984 porcelain tubs may contain unsafe levels of lead. This is a serious concern for the health of your family and yourself. By encapsulating your bathtub to prevent any lead from affecting your family, we offer a safe, effective and cost-saving alternative to a complete replacement.

Bathtub Refinishing It’s Eco-Friendly

Everyone’s doing his or her part to be green, and refinishing your tub is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint! Since you’re consciously choosing not to install a new tub and dump your old one in a landfill, that’s a decision that minimizes your impact on the environment and saves you money. Win-win!

Bathtub Refinishing Extends the Life of your Tub

A refinished bathroom fixture can last years – probably beyond your expectations for a chipped or damaged fixture. Provided that it’s properly maintained (we will give you plenty of tips!), the results of a typical refinish job by the Superior Bathtub Refinishing can last 10 to 15 years. Remember never to use bathmats, abrasive cleaners, or scrubbing pads!

When you’re ready to spruce up your bathroom and fix that troublesome tub, give the experts at Superior Bathtub Refinishing a call.

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