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Refinished Bathtub Tips

The bathtub is a major fixture in the bathroom and it is used every day for either traditional baths or for standing in to take a shower.  The consistent use of the bathtub exposes the surface of the tub to moisture which can cause wear and discoloration over time and even mildew growth if not properly cleaned.  When a bathtub becomes badly discolored, the surface of the tub can be restored with bathtub refinishing or reglazing services.  These services involve stripping the original finish of the tub and applying a new bathtub finish to either restore its original color or change its look with a new color.

Refinished bathtubs need proper cleaning and maintenance techniques to help preserve the new finish.  By following these bathtub cleaning tips, you can effectively maintain the new finish of your reglazed bathtub.

Refinished Bathtub Cleaning

Immediately After Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing is an effective way to revitalize the look of your bathtub and it can normally be completed in one day.  Once the new finish is applied, it begins curing and may take as many as 90 days to cure completely.  During the curing stage, you should follow these bathtub cleaning and maintenance tips to protect the finish:

  • Stay out of your bathroom for at least 24 hours after the bathtub reglazing. Allowing the surface to get wet while the finish is still drying can ruin the new finish and dust particles can also get trapped in the finish which results in sharp points on the surface.  Avoiding the bathroom will help prevent unnecessary dust from landing on the refinished bathtub.
  • Bathtub refinishing service providers use masking tape to protect the other surfaces in your bathroom as they work. These professionals will leave the tape in place once they are finished for the customer to remove.  This tape should not be removed until after the initial 24 hour period but within a week after the first 24 hour period ends.  Make sure to remove the tape carefully so that you do not remove the new finish with it.  Take special care when removing tape near the drain so you do not break the seal of the drain shoe.  You can also call a technician back to remove the tape.
  • During the curing period, you should clean the refinished bathtub regularly with soap and a sponge. This will condition the surface and remove dust that settled onto the finish during the drying period.

Refinished Bathtub Maintenance Do’s

Once you make it through the 90 day curing period, these tips will help you maintain your newly refinished bathtub:

  • Waxing the surface is an important part of reglazed bathtub care and should be done two weeks after the new finish is applied. Clean the surface of the bathtub first and then apply a thin coat of auto wax using a damp cloth.  The wax should be wiped away with a dry cotton towel and be careful not to over buff.  Your refinished bathtub needs to be waxed once every 1-3 months after the first waxing.
  • Clean the surface regularly with liquid soap or body wash which is safe for the surface and rinses away easily to prevent soap residue.
  • Maintain the faucet and check the caulking to prevent erosion and moisture damage.
  • Keep the bathroom well ventilated.
  • Keep the surface dry by towel drying the tub after use and do not leave wet sponges or washcloths sitting in the bathtub.
  • Make sure to repair any chips or cracks in the bathtub surface immediately, water will gather under the tub in the cracks which can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Refinished Bathtub Maintenance Don’ts

  • Do not use acidic or abrasive cleaners on your reglazed bathtub and avoid contact with any chemicals such as makeup, hair dye, and perfume on the surface. Instead use mild liquid cleaners.
  • Do not use abrasive scrubbing pads because they can scratch the surface.
  • Do not use rubber bath mats or mats with suction cups because they can cause a reaction under hot water that can ruin the finish.
  • Do not leave objects such as shampoo bottles, soap, spray cans, or wet washcloths on the new finish for over 24 hours.
  • Do not give your pet a bath in the newly refinished bathtub.

Bathtub refinishing services are ideal for restoring the original look of your bathtub but in order to keep that fresh look, you must care for your refinished bathtub with these cleaning and maintenance tips.

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